Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bucketloads of Inspiration

You can all shoot me if you don't think these images are cool. Don't you love the military jacket? And the blonde hair. She makes me crave for a fringe and blonde hair, both of which I cannot pull off.

She looks pretty normal. Biker jacket over dress. Uggs with tights. But look at her hands!

Awesome crocheted gloves. Zen, do you think these are possible? Your crocheting skills will one day rule the world. (:

Personally, I love this girl's look the best. Sassy and fun yet classy at the same time. I think it's the make up. And those ankle boots are to die for.

So whaddya think? Oh I think I can so pull off those wide leg pants the guy is wearing. I really would love a pair of those, santa. The blazer and shoes too, please? The hair? No thanks.

Photos from Drop.


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