Monday, 11 May 2009

Whimsicalism and Denim Rage

My definition of whimsical. Different takes of Pizzicato Polka.

And today I brought out the denim jacket that has been hidden in my closet for years. I'm glad denim jackets are back as I have 2 in London and 2 back home. O.o Yup, definitely a kid who grew up in the 90s.

Stone washed denim jacket, shirt dress and leggings : H&M
Gladiators : New Look

Man, the boyf really needs to learn to make me look taller in pictures. Almost all the pictures are angled like 23 degrees above the plane of my head. I am short as it is already but these pictures make me look even shorter. Anyway, I'm practically living off leggings now because they are super comf and easy to style. I mean I can just dump on a huge shirt, accessorise and that's it. Let me point out that these leggings are made of proper pant-elastine-whachamacallit material unlike footless tights so nay I do not run around showing my bare ass.

Actually, I now recall that I use to wear leggings and over sized T-shirts (mainly of the Mickey Mouse variety) when I was about 7. I still remember they were from St. Michael's, now rebranded as Marks and Spencers. My aunt bought a pair as a gift for me and from then on I never looked back. There was even one in black checks, in a nice way of course, not too big to look stupid and too small to be too mind boggling. I doubt that was fashion sense then, as a while after that I fell in love with the likes of dungarees and Timberlands but oh well, life goes on.

Leggings are like the Gwen Stefani sweat pants of my early teenage years and it being the trend now is the right timing as well becuase it's the exam period so comfy clothes equals hight efficciency. It's true! Irritation from anything can cause a lot of downtime.

Interesting fact of the day: Revision makes me watch thrashy MTV reality series and Michelle Phan.

What does revision do to you?

- Sue

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