Friday, 28 November 2008

Which is mostly Zen moaning

There are days I can't bring myself to get out of bed unless I promise myself I can wear something exciting. Since my usual uniform consists of jeans + a faded top from Seed/Padini, my definition of 'exciting' isn't very, but whatever gets you through the winter, right?

I don't like winter :(

I'm slowly growing reconciled to it (winter, that is) on account of having newly a) started to wear scarves and b) started to make scarves. If there were no winter, there would be no real need for scarves, and then where would I be? Crocheting pointlessly, that's where.

But still I keep dreaming of summer ... in Cambridge especially. I haven't summered in the London yet, but I imagine it would on occasion be a bit sweltery and awful -- I find the smell of exhaust about a bajillion times more horrible when it's hot than when it's cold for some reason. It's so gorgeous in Cambridge, though. The green spaces. The trees. I was sitting in class earlier this evening staring sadly out at the grey world and remembering the people who used to clamber out of their windows and sit on the roof.

Happy days!

But I shouldn't just roll around in nostalgia like a dog in a pile of poop; I certainly have a lot more free time now than I did then. And there are lots more vintage shops, where one may find delightful dresses for 10 of the British pounds!

That is five gazillion in Malaysian, but it is not too bad compared to Topshop.

NB. I did not really wear the scarf that-a-way the whole day. But I should have done!

- Zen

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