Friday, 24 April 2009

Matthew Williamson William Matthewson

I know there has been a whirlwind of wants from this collabo. I am sorry but there hasn't been one collabo that didn't live up to its H-Y-P-E (ie Commes des Garçons).

The ruffle dress and the blazer looks awesome and all but no I wouldn't spend my unemployment check on a dress that you know, I know Katie Perry wore not because she loved it and bought it for herself but because she was attending a H&M sponsored event and was probably given a choice over which dress she would like to wear for free.

Anyway, queues and umemployment checks aside, I thought this picture best summed up the meaning of H-Y-P-E over premium and high street brand collabs.If I were to see only the eyes on that woman on the top right corner, they say to me either,

'Omg, I've struck gold/oil.' (albeit at the wrong time)


'Omg, I've won the £60 million lottery."


'Omg, that dress is so beautiful I think I have died. No I think I have died and gone to HEAVEN because it's cheaper than an original Matthew Williamson whi is a god with colours. Me queue-ing from 5am in the morning was worth it. Now, hand that dress to me in size 8 you skinny b*tch.'


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